Beekeeping at Emery

Louise, one of our talented Senior Consultants, and her family, who have embarked on an incredible journey as beekeepers.

Their passion for these marvellous creatures began when they moved to their new home and sought a hobby that would utilise their extra garden space. Little did they know that it would blossom into something so rewarding and delicious!

They reached out to their local beekeeping association, which provided them with valuable training. Armed with newfound knowledge, they eagerly purchased their first colony of bees. And just like that, their enchanting beekeeping adventure began.

Fast forward to today, and Louise’s family now tends to a buzzing community of 10 thriving colonies. They’ve become experts in the fascinating world of bees, and their dedication has borne sweet rewards. The joy of harvesting their first batch of pure honey was simply unparalleled. The taste? Absolutely heavenly!

Their children have also fallen in love with this golden nectar and now enjoy it as a delightful addition to their breakfast.

Here are some bee-utiful facts about these incredible pollinators: Did you know?

  • There are three casts of honeybees: the queen, the drone (only males), and the workers.
  • Only female workers and queens can sting.
  • A healthy bee colony can consist of as many as 60,000 buzzing bees.
  • Bees use a mesmerising waggle dance to communicate food sources to their fellow hive members.
  • Just one bee produces only a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
  • Honey possesses powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • More flowers mean abundant food sources, which strengthen bees and other pollinators in the face of diseases.

Can you spot the Queen in this photo?

Heres a clue: A long narrow abdomen with a pointed end and she may have been marked with a blue spot!

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