Betchton Cottage, Cappers Lane, Betchton, Sandbach – Cheshire East Council

William Beech

Emery Planning has won a planning appeal relating to the extension of an existing waste management facility in Cheshire East. The approved development includes new office and welfare facilities; the change of use of an existing agricultural building; expansion of the skip yard; and the creation of a new yard area for soil screening purposes.

The site is located in the countryside where there are strict controls over new development. The council maintained the development did not accord with relevant policies in the Development Plan and that permission should be refused. However, Emery Planning successfully demonstrated that the development was necessary for the expansion of the existing business; was meeting existing and future needs in terms of waste management and recycling and was therefore meeting sustainable development objectives; and would not harm the character and appearance of the area. The Planning Inspector noted that while the expanded areas of hardstanding and soil screening area would result in a change to the character and appearance of the site, the amount of land affected was limited in size, and “the overall character of the open countryside would not alter significantly”. As a result, there would be no conflict with relevant planning policy.

The approval emphasises the important balance of supporting the needs of a successful local business who are improving recycling objectives in the area with protection of the countryside.

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