Gwynant, Plumley Moor Road, Plumley – Cheshire East Council

Emery Planning secured planning permission on appeal in November 2018 for the redevelopment of the existing dwelling ‘Gwynant’ on Plumley Moor Road in Plumley and its replacement with two semi-detached ‘infill’ dwellings. Cheshire East Council was of the view that the replacement building would be materially larger than the modest-sized dwelling on the site. The dwelling however, benefited from an extant planning consent for substantial extensions.

The Council did not consider that the site represented an ‘infill’ plot as the gap between Gwynant and the adjacent village hall and tennis courts were not viewed by the Case Officer to represent an otherwise built up frontage. However, the Planning Inspector disagreed with this assessment stating “Whilst visually the tennis courts do not have the same impact as a building with height above the ground, they nevertheless appear as developed land and I conclude that they contribute to a built-up frontage.”

Following the allowed appeal, a subsequent planning application was prepared and submitted by Emery Planning for a revised scheme for two detached infill dwellings on the site to replace the existing dwelling. This application was approved by Cheshire East Council in February 2019.

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