Levenot, Bowdon – Trafford Borough Council

Emery Planning has secured planning permission on appeal for a replacement dwelling on Charcoal Road, Bowdon. The approved replacement dwelling is 72% larger than the existing property in terms of above-ground volume with additional accommodation within a newly created subterranean basement.

The site presently comprises a detached dwelling and is designated through the local plan as being within the boundaries of the Green Belt, an Area of Protected Landscape Character and the Devisdale Conservation Area. Planning permission was initially refused by Trafford Borough Council in August 2017 on grounds that the proposed development would constitute inappropriate development within the Green Belt and there would be harm to the character of the Devisdale Conservation Area.

Following an appeal, the Inspector agreed that the fallback position should attract significant weight in the decision-making process and that the fallback position would have a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than the appeal proposal. On this basis, the Inspector concluded that the fallback position constituted the very special circumstances necessary to justify the grant of planning permission in terms of Green Belt planning policy. With regard to the impact on the character of the Devisdale Conservation Area, the Inspector concluded as follows: “It is clear that considerable thought and expertise has been invested in this scheme to provide a replacement dwelling that would make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the CA.”

The approved scheme was designed by Grays Architecture and Ian Bright Architects, and Barnes Walker acted as the landscape architect.

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