The Botanist, 78 Deansgate, Manchester – Manchester City Council

The Botanist unit is located within Leopold Square. The Square is made up of a group of Grade II listed buildings, formerly used as office accommodation. 

In 2003 and 2006 planning permission was granted for a conversion of the building to a mixture of A3 and A4 use, along with hotel, residential and work live units.

Whilst the ground and first floor of this unit had previously been in A3/A4 use, the second floor – referred to as the ‘music room’ – remained vacant due to the complexity of the historical elements of the unit.

Following the closure of the previous unit which operated on the ground and first floor, New World Trading realised it would be possible to include the music room on the second floor so the unit could operate as one.

Listed Building Consent was sought which included the careful fit out of the second floor whilst retaining all of the historical features which the Local Authority wanted protecting.

The unit opened in October 2016.

Emery Planning have secured planning permissions for The Botanist brand around the country, including units in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, York and Chester.

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