Land off Sagars Road/Clay Lane, Handforth – This consultation has now ended.


Emery Planning will, following public consultation, be submitting an outline planning application on behalf of HIMOR (Land) Ltd for a residential development of up to 250 dwellings on land off Sagars Road/Clay Lane, Handforth.

This website provides details of the proposed development and seeks comments from the local community. This is an opportunity for you to provide us with your views and ideas to help us form the final scheme, before a planning application is submitted to the Council.


The land subject to this forthcoming planning application has been identified through the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy as a housing allocation for approximately 250 houses (Policy CS49). The supporting text to this emerging policy notes that the site presents an opportunity for a high quality residential development to contribute to the identified housing requirement for Handforth.

During the plan-making process, the Council concluded that our client’s site is a sustainable and suitable location for new housing development. It relates well to the existing built-up area of Handforth and is within easy and convenient distance of a range of key services and public transport options. The release of this site for housing accords with the emerging local plan and is necessary in order to meet the identified housing requirement.

The Site

The site is located to the western edge of Handforth, Cheshire. A location plan is provided to the right.

It is triangular in shape and is bounded by existing residential development to the east, Clay Lane to the north-west and Sagars Road to the south-west. The land beyond Clay Lane and Sagars Road primarily consists of open countryside with dispersed development, although a farmstead and the Eden Mansions Nursing Home are located to the south-west of the site, along with an existing dwelling. An existing dwelling (Spurs Lodge) is also located immediately west of the site, at the corner of Clay Lane and Sagars Road.

The site extends to an area approximately 8.35ha and it consists of three fields. The land is relatively flat and is bordered by a number of trees. A small brook, known as Dobbin Brook, runs along the eastern boundary of the site, to the rear of the existing dwellings.

Location Plan

Details of the proposed development

The forthcoming planning application will be submitted in outline form for the erection of up to 250 dwellings with all matters reserved (i.e. layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for future consideration save for details of access.

The proposed development would be served by a new vehicular access off Hampson Crescent, with no. 15 being demolished. The following image provides a detailed access plan for the proposal:A parameters plan has also been prepared for the proposed development in accordance with Policy SC49 of the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy. The proposal would create a high quality sustainable development that includes the following:

  • Retention of trees and woodland to the edge of the site with new planning to re-enforce important landscape features.
  • A high quality design which reflects and respects the character of the surrounding area.
  • Creation of new areas of public open space.
  • The provision of affordable housing in line with the policy requirements of the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy.
  • A green buffer provided between the proposed development and Dobbin Brook, which extends along the eastern boundary of the site.

Any planning application would also be supported by technical reports including ecology reports and surveys, a noise impact assessment and a site investigation report.

Should outline planning permission be granted by the Council for the proposed development, it would be subject to appropriately worded planning conditions requiring the subsequent approval of ‘reserved matters’ (i.e. layout, scale, appearance and landscaping). The applicant would need to agree such details with the Council through a future ‘reserved matters’ application prior to any development taking place on the site.

Benefits of the proposed development

The proposed development would result in a number of benefits for the local community that include:

  • helping to ensure that the identified housing needs for Handforth are met and that the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy delivers on its strategic vision and objectives;
  • providing much-needed quality and choice to the local housing market;
  • contributing towards addressing the Borough’s significant affordable housing needs;
  • boosting the local economy through the creation of new jobs on-site and within the supply chain during the construction phase;
  • resulting in additional household spending on local businesses; and
  • creating new areas of public open space to benefit both existing residents and future occupants of the new housing.

It is envisaged that the applicant would agree details of any appropriate planning obligations (e.g. towards education) through the planning application process.

 Have your say

We would like your views on the proposals and request that all responses be returned by 24th July 2017. If you wish to discuss the project please contact us using the form below to send your feedback and comments, making sure that all of the required fields (*) are completed. If you do not want your name and address identifying you in our report on public consultation when we submit the planning application, then please let us know in your response.

Contact Details

Please contact Emery Planning if you require any further information;

T: 01625 433 881

Alternatively please write to us at:
Emery Planning
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Please note that the plans may be subject to amendments following receipt of your comments.

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