Homefield Farm, Sherford, Devon

Site layout

Purpose of this Consultation

A planning application for development at Homefield Farm, Sherford, Devon was submitted to South Hams District Council in 2021 (LPA ref: 4751/21/FUL).

The planning application relates to proposals by Mr & Mrs Causer for the following works:

“Conversion of existing buildings to create 3 no. holiday lets and a single storey extension 2) Demolition of existing retail unit 3) Replacement of existing commercial building with 1 no. self-build dwelling 4) Associated works to include a comprehensive landscape and ecology enhancement works.”

The application was refused planning permission on 8 March 2022. Mr & Mrs Causer lodged an appeal against this decision. The appeal will be determined by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The appeal reference is APP/K1128/W/22/3303162.

  • The planning application was supported by several plans and documents. The appellants now wish to amend the submitted landscape plan and submit a new site layout plan drawing to the Planning Inspectorate as part of the appeal proposal:
  • A proposed site plan drawing (drawing ref: 4532/01 Rev. B – Grays Architecture Ltd). This plan was not presented to the local planning authority as part of the planning application, although it reflects the general arrangement shown on the submitted landscape drawing by Barnes Walker.

An amended landscape drawing (drawing ref: M3342-PA-01-V5). This drawing would supersede the landscape drawing submitted to the local planning authority as part of the planning application (drawing ref: M3342-PA-V1-V4 – Barnes Walker). The only change made is the removal of a pergola feature to the outdoor seating to the proposed holiday let identified as ‘Unit 1’ on the drawing.

The following table clarifies which plan is additional and the landscape drawing to be revised:

Plans at determination of the planning applicationRevised alternative option
N/AProposed site layout drawing ref: 4532/0 Rev.B
(Grays Architecture Ltd).
Landscape layout drawing ref: M3342-PA-V1-V4 (Barnes Walker)Landscape layout drawing ref: M3342-PA-01-V5
(Barnes Walker)

Any comments must be provided by 5pm on xxxxxx via email to info@emeryplanning.com or in writing to: Homefield Farm Appeal Consultation, Emery Planning, 1-4 South Park Court, Hobson Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 8BS. Please do not submit any comments to the local planning authority or the Planning Inspectorate.

If you have previously provided comments on the application, it is not necessary to reiterate these comments as they will still be taken into account; but if you wish to re-state or replace your representations, or provide comments on the revised plans, please provide comments following the means above.

The information you provide will be stored securely until completion of the project, after which this information will be deleted. Consultation responses will be made available to Braintree District Council and The Planning Inspectorate. It will not be forwarded to any other third parties. You can contact us at any time to request the deletion of your information.

Anything you submit as part of this consultation may be posted on South Hams District Council or The Planning Inspectorate websites so you may wish to take steps to prevent identity fraud such as not using a hand-written signature or displaying a telephone number. Where certain statements may be seen to be discriminatory or defamatory and may be actionable, the Council and/or the Planning Inspectorate will blank out these parts for the purposes of electronic and paper files. Representations can be made available for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government (Access to Information Act) 1985, even if marked confidential or similar.

Have your say

We would like your views on the proposals and request that all responses be returned by 5pm on 5 September 2022. If you wish to discuss the project please contact us using the form below to send your feedback and comments, making sure that all of the required fields are completed. If you do not want your name and address included in our report when we submit the planning application, then please let us know within your response.

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Please contact Emery Planning if you require any further information;

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Alternatively please write to us at:
Emery Planning
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Please note that the plans may be subject to amendments following receipt of your comments.

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