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Purpose of this Consultation

Emery Planning will be submitting a full planning application on behalf of Staffordshire University for the construction of a new student village and associated facilities at Staffordshire University, Lordship Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2YJ.  The description of development will be:

“Demolition of existing student accommodation, construction of new student accommodation and educational, social and support space (Use Classes E and F.1), refurbishment of Clarice Cliff student accommodation, construction of a pedestrian bridge and boardwalk, creation of open space/public realm, new car park and associated works.”

The applicant team has worked together to create a sensitive and high-quality development that responds to the existing character of the site. This continues the University’s commitment to this area, of replacing upgrading our campus for the benefit of our students and the wider community.

This website provides details of the proposed development and seeks comments from the local community. This is an opportunity for you to provide us with your views and ideas to help inform the final scheme prior to submission to the local planning authority.

The Site

The site comprises approximately 9.4 hectares of both previously developed and greenfield land situated within the settlement boundary of Stoke-on-Trent.  The site location plan is located below:

The existing campus site is situated to the north west of the River Trent.   The part of the campus within the application site currently comprises existing student accommodation which takes the form of 2 and 3 storey brick-built accommodation.   There are 743 existing student units which would be demolished as part of this proposal.

The River Trent bisects the Leek Road campus.   The route of the river has recently been remodelled and re-routed by statutory bodies.  Beyond the river to the south, there is a pond which forms an informal nature reserve managed by the University.  A timber bridge structure runs around the western edge of the pond providing pedestrian access to the river. 

The proposed student village site lies to the south east of the river and comprises an area of amenity grassland located within the boundary of Staffordshire University’s Leek Road campus.   This site slopes significantly towards the north west with a ranging topography from the River Trent at its lowest point to the ridgeline along the eastern boundary.   There is a public right of way adjoining but outside of the site along Lordship Lane which forms the south-eastern boundary with an associated footpath linking to the Fenton Manor Sports Complex. 

The Proposal

The University is progressing proposals for the demolition of 743 existing student residences within the Leek Road Campus and the construction of a new student village on land to the south-east of the River Trent.  The existing student residences are at the end of their natural life and are no longer fit for purpose.  The new student village would provide a total of 715 new bedrooms split between four cluster blocks and townhouses.  The existing Clarice Cliff Court would be refurbished internally and externally providing 298 bedrooms (an increase of 1 unit).  In total there would be a net loss of 18 student residences.

Cluster Block


Clarice Cliff Court

A village ‘hub’ is also proposed as part of the student village, which would include an events space and market hall (444 sqm), student wellbeing space including a multi-faith space (544 sqm) flexible use space (790 sqm) and an outdoor seating area on the rooftop terrace.  The hub would be ancillary to the proposed student accommodation, with its purpose to serve the student population of the University. It would not create a retail or commercial destination more broadly.

The Village Hub

A pedestrian bridge and boardwalk link is proposed across the River Trent to link the new student village with the campus (vehicular/service access would be from Lordship Lane). 

The site of the demolished residences on the Leek Road Campus would be landscaped to become parkland/open space with associated landscape and biodiversity enhancements.   Public realm and open space would also be provided on the southern part of the site where a continuous 800m long fitness loop encircles the village with a surfaced path for jogging or walking.  Different fitness stations are provided along the loop with a decked area for yoga and informal exercise.

The new student village would be car free (internally) with the exception of 25 accessible/EV spaces which would be accessed from Lordship Lane and which would be provided for students and staff with accessibility requirements in line with our car parking policy.  A one way vehicular access system would be provided for ‘move in’ days and service and emergency vehicles only.  The boardwalk and footbridge would connect the village to the wider campus. 

The student residences which are to be demolished are served by a total of 236 car parking spaces in and around the existing residences.  A new car parking area would be created outside of the student village, on the former Squires View site to the east of the campus, which the University acquired in 2023. This would create around 200 new car parking spaces which would be accessed from the existing vehicular entrance/exit on Leek Road. Overall, there would not be a significant change in the numbers of student resident on site or the number of car parking spaces on site.

The development team have worked to create a new student community that blends contemporary sustainable architecture with nature in a unique natural setting. The shared design team vision for the project imagines a new student village in the woodland. A development that works sensitively with the natural features of the site, where buildings form terraces following the natural sloped topography and the existing varied landscape is enhanced and integrated. This approach creates a holistic development with a strong character and identity, fostering a sense of place and community.

The proposed buildings are a direct response to the site and context. Their form, arrangement and materiality take inspiration from their setting. They have been designed to provide safe, secure and inclusive accommodation, for students a ‘home from home’.

A full application will be submitted to Stoke City Council with all required documents including Design and Access Statement, Planning Statement, ecological surveys, ground conditions/ contamination surveys, arboricultural survey, a Flood Risk Assessment, Drainage Strategy and Sustainability Strategy.

Benefits of the Development

It is considered that the proposed development would result in a number of social, economic and environmental benefits for the local community. These would include:

Social Benefits

  • The provision of new student accommodation creating mixed and sustainable communities.
  • Improved connectivity through the site and enhanced open space.

Economic Benefits

  • Economic regeneration in the local area.
  • An upturn in the local economy through the creation of new employment opportunities during the construction phase.
  • Encouraging investment in Stoke-on-Trent by increasing its profile.

Environmental benefits

  • Sustainable development in a highly accessible location.
  • The provision of extensive green infrastructure and a long term management plan for the maintenance of the open space.
  • Enhancements to the provision of open space in the area.
  • A low carbon development

Have your say

We would like your views on the proposals and request that all responses be returned by 5pm on Thursday 26th October.  If you wish to discuss the project please contact us using the form below to send your feedback and comments, making sure that all of the required fields are completed. If you do not want your name and address included in our update when writing to the Planning Inspectorate, then please let us know within your response.  

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Please note that the plans may be subject to amendments following receipt of your comments.

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